Click for sample chapter. Cover by Sante Fe artist, Robert A. Rikoon. It could be said the medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri in The Divine Comedy created the first dystopia in Part I, "Inferno", and the first utopia in Part III, "Paradiso". Dante's Inferno is remembered best because utopian visions tend to be boring, whereas a dystopia is often a lively, if hellish, place. The dystopian novel became a popular form in the 20th Century. No surprise here. In  The Last Day First  difficult social conditions have brought a group of friends together to live communally in Berkeley, California, in the home of Seamas Flowers, a former political radical gone slack and mystical, who fiddles while Rome burns, dreaming of his beautiful Arbelle. In a single day Seamas and his friends lose their comfortable illusions of immunity as society convulses in terror about them and they must leave the city for a new life away from the madding crowds.

The Last Day First  by J A Danison   255 pages, paper, 5x8, ISBN 1-59109-545-X

Click for sample chapter. Cover by the author.John Able Flowers is caught between LSD-inspired visions of a better world and the world as it is in Jimmy Carter's America of the late 1970's. His rebellion, his aspirations as an artist, his quest for spiritual fulfillment and love have all failed at the age of 33. Determined to have some success in life, he tries to swim in the American mainstream, and under the tutelage of Maurice M. Ibso, master of the Ibso Formula for Super Salesmanship, he becomes Salesman of the Year and heir apparent to the American Dream. Success is hollow without love, however, and the key to his heart is buried in his past. For the lovely Marianne Mahler to enter and set him free, he must first liberate himself from the thrall of the devious seductress, Susie Q. Almost Tomorrow is a comic story of super salesmanship and redemption through love. First novel.

Almost Tomorrow  by J A Danison    324 pages, paper, 5x8, ISBN 1-59457-108-2

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